MaxSym 600i ABS

New for 2014, the MaxSYm 600i is ahead in one key area, PRICE! only £5,999

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Wolf SB250Ni

  New colour for 2014 - Symply stunning, sharp looks and great handling...  

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Fiddle III 125

  Old fashion elegance and talent, with pure westernized classic design.  

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Symphony SR 125

  Clever, Chic, and Superior.  

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Welcome to Sym UK

We have four optional extras available on selected bikes and scooters from Sym UK.

Option 1

Our free rider pack has a total value of £249 and includes a helmet, jacket, and waterproof gloves.

Option 2

Special zero rate 0% finance deals available over a two year period on selected Sym Models.

Option 3

Special low rate 11.9% APR finance deals available over four years on selected Sym Models.

Option 4

Reduced Third Party Only (TPO) and Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) insurance premiums for your new Sym (subject to status).


Urban Freedom
Symphony SR 125
City Chic
Mio 50/100
Classy Commuting
Symphony S 125
Pure Perfection
MaxSym 400i/600i
Capable Cruiser
JoyMax 300i
Symply Stunning
Wolf SB 250 Ni
Frugal Commuting
XS 125-K
New Sports Model!

Sym - Engine of Life

Durability - Affinity - Humanity - Creativity - Vibrancy
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Sym Featured Models

Here you will find all you need to know about the latest range of 2014 Sym models available in the UK.

MaxSym 600i

Maxsym 600i ABS, a combination of extraordinary engine power and artistic integral design, incarnates the consummate technology of SYM.

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JoyMax 300i

Joymax 300 SYM decide to develop a higher standard version. Major improvements to performance and new powerful twin head light.

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Wolf SB 125Ni

This exceptional design of SYM bike series will absolutely be a focus under spotlights. Wolf SB125Ni has street-smart styling and single-cylinder engine.

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Jet 4 125

SYM proudly presents its new sporty model, Jet 4. The new scooter with its sporty appearance and special body design. A popular form of sporty spirit

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Mio 50

Mio is Small, compact and easy to bridle and it’s the perfect scooter for fashion urban living. Makes you a superstar among the crowd.

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Symphony SR 125

Clever, Chic, and Superior. The whole new Symphony SR upgrades from Symphony with a more aggressive, sports scooter appearance.

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MotoGB Brands

Sym UK are part of the Moto GB Group. Click below to see our other brands.